Some things you need to know about TSTOS19

We have created this website for players who are attending the TSTOS19 airsoft event. We hope this website helps your visit at our event.

When to arrive?

The check in is on Wednesday 14.8.2019 from 18:00 to 21:00. On Thursday the check in is from 09:00 to 14:00. You can also check in later but prepare to wait little longer.

If you arrive already on Tuesday or Wednesday you can sleep at your faction base.

Note! It is essential for you to arrive on time so the commander can confirm the faction roles.

Where to arrive?

The game area is located in Padasjoki. Most navigators will find the area with address: Kelkutteentie 147, Padasjoki.

  • WGS84: 61.282, 25.264
  • MGRS: 35V MH 06987 95525

Permanent parking

We have established 2 different parking lots. They both are located along the Isokoivistontie. We have arranged random transportation between the parking lot and the gamearea.

The address for the permanent parking is: Isokoivistontie 81, Padasjoki and Isokoivistontie 18, Padasjoki

Temporary parking

Temporary parking is allowed near the registration and sponsors area. The idea of temporary parking is for the players to register themselves as fast as possiple. After registration players must chronograph their weapons and proceed to the faction base. The driver must drive the vehicle as soon as possiple back to the permanent parking.

The address for the temporary parking is: Kelkutteentie 172, Padasjoki

Check in

When you arrive at the event, go first to check you in as an arrived player. You need an ID card and means of payment if you wish to pay on site. If you have not received a payment confirmation, please bring a receipt of the payment. After registering, go to the gun chronograph area and test your gun using the same weight as the bb you use normally which will be provided by Ehasa ry.

Remember to bring your safety goggles to the chronograph!

Choose your faction

Below we have collected faction-specific information regarding arriving the game area and information about facebook-groups etc.

Uusimaa Pirkanmaa Civilian