GPS devices

If you are renting/using a GPS device from Ehasa, here are some instructions.

If your vehicle does not have an Android terminal, you will have to rent a GPS device. You can also rent a GPS device if you have an Iphone and you want to appear on your faction map etc. Ehasa may also provide you with GPS devices in individual cases.

You can get the device from the check in desk.

If you lose your rented GPS device, its price is 80 euros.


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Opening the device

Unscrew the two hex bolts. You don't have to take them out, just unscrew only as much as needed. Do not overtighten the screws.

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Removing the board

Remove the board by gently pulling it. Watch out for the antenna connectors as those can be very brittle.

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Charge the device by plugging in the USB-C connector. You can leave the board halfway in while charcing.

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Turning it on/off

Turn it on/off by using the switch on the other side of the charging port. Close the device afterwards but don't overtighten the screws.